Jasmine Perley, our NIHB Navigator, and Gordon Grey, our EIA Coordinator, showing the design of our merchandise.

Everyday you get our best at Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick. We are excited to launch our latest project!! We will be selling merchandise to help support the revitalization of Wolastoqey lands and culture in our communities. We have T-shirts and Hoodies for sale with our WNNB logo and 100% of the profits will go towards the above mentioned cause. This would be a great christmas gift for someone!! You can get our shirts and hoodies here at our office, message us online or order through our website at www.wolastoqey.ca or give us a call at 459-6341 to make arrangements to purchase. The price list is as follows:

Adult T-shirts- $25.00
Child’s size T-shirts $15.00

Adult Hoodies- $50.00
Child’s Hoodies- $30.00

**Support Community led Fundraisers ** On Sale Now!!