Chief Ross Perley, Neqotkuk: “Good afternoon everybody, my name is Chief Ross Perley from Neqotkuk, also known as Tobique First Nation. I’m here to make some comments in regards to our meeting with the Premier and some of his cabinet ministers. Essentially, we, as a cooperative New Brunswick Chiefs, we are losing faith in Premier Higgs. His inaction is not acceptable, we have waited over three weeks for this meeting, and we still have no firm commitment for an inquiry. When we left our last meeting, Mr. Higgs asked for specifics for an inquiry, asked for Terms of Reference for an inquiry, our team worked hard and we provided those specifics. Still today, he won’t give us an answer on an inquiry. It’s been five weeks since the tragic killing of Chantel Moore and Rodney Levi, and of course the decision with Brady Francis. The Premier’s message is still the same: that ‘our plans are better than your plans.’ “