1 position for each Wolastoqey community (6 positions total)
3-month contract position


The Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick (WNNB) provides high-quality scientific analysis and technical support to New Brunswick’s six Wolastoqey communities on matters that impact Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Aboriginal Title. Our organization strives to protect these Rights and the natural resources on which they rely. The Forestry Liaison position is a 3-month contract focussed on learning about the work completed to date by WNNB and the Wolastoqey communities in securing a forestry regime that better accommodates, protects and implements Wolastoqey Rights. We are also seeking community advice for how to best share the work with your community members and help with navigating how to do that during the COVID 19 pandemic. You will have access to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) resources with the help of WNNB’s GIS Professional to help with some of your job duties. There is one position available per community.

The Forestry Liaison would:

• Learn the history of Wolastoqey engagement with the Province on the forestry regime, including:
1) Information shared by the Province on how they manage forestry
2) the Wolastoqey proposals for how to better consult with and accommodate Wolastoqey communities
3) protect and implement Wolastoqey Rights, and potential next steps
4) Strategic Rights Plan
• Become familiar with the basics of the Canadian legal framework that supports and limits Wolastoqey Rights and advocacy
• Develop a community engagement plan to inform community members about Wolastoqey engagement on forestry and get their feedback
• Provide written and verbal reports to their community on the forestry work
• Work with community Consultation Coordinator and/or Forestry Director if directed to.
• Become familiar with Ash Management in our territory and the Emerald Ash Borer’s effect on Ash trees
• Become familiar with maple sugary files at WNNB and provide feedback as requested.

Desirable Skills and Experience

• Familiarity with Wolastoqey Aboriginal and Treaty rights, the challenges we face in protecting those rights, and how forestry works in New Brunswick
•Ability to read and comprehend a large amount of written information in a relatively short period of time
•Strong verbal and written communication skills
•Good at interacting with community members, including elders, leadership, etc
•Demonstrated ability to organize meetings and work independently
•Comfortable with video meeting technology like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Team, which may be necessary platforms due to COVID 19 physical distancing measures
•A laptop or cell phone with a functioning camera, as well as wifi access, for video conferencing and video meeting technology.

Remuneration is $600 per week.

Applications should be submitted in confidence via email, with the subject line “Forestry Liaison”, to: human.resources@wolastoqey.ca.

Please indicate which Wolastoqey community you are from in the subject of the email.
The deadline for applications is September 21st, 2020.