The Wolastoqey hold both Aboriginal and Treaty Rights to fish for food, social, and ceremonial purposes and commercial purposes within Wolastoqey Territory. Multiple court decisions confirm that the Wolastoqey have commercial fishing rights under the Treaties of 1725 (ratified in 1726), 1749 and 1760. The courts have also held that the Wolastoqey have Aboriginal Rights to fish, which are inherent rights and independent of the Treaties.

The Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick provides technical advice to Wolastoqey Communities on projects that have the potential to impact Wolastoqey fishing rights (both food, social and ceremonial and commercial fishing rights) to help protect these rights, including in the context of Crown fisheries decisions. Some of the major fisheries projects currently being reviewed by the Wolastoqey Communities on behalf of the Wolastoqey Communities include:

  • The design and management of improved fish passage at the Mactaquac Dam and other barriers on the Wolastoq;

  • Science and technical support to Wolastoqey Communities on the Sisson Mine Project;

  • Consultation on the impacts of Marine Protected Areas and other projects in the ocean environment;

  • And many other projects that affect freshwater and marine fisheries.

WNNB also supports the Wolastoqey Communities through ongoing fisheries negotiations and discussions with federal and provincial governments.

For more information, please contact Dr. Colin Curry, Fisheries Biologist at